What We Do

Our Four Pillars


Supporting our members with:


Teaching the application of the Dharma through provision of:


Providing Care and Support to those in need through:


Reaching out through the internet and social media by:

Buddhist programs

We co-ordinate programs that promote Buddhist values within the community. This includes our fully government-accredited Buddhist Special Religious Education (SRE) and Chaplaincy programs. Our SRE program trains and supports volunteer teachers to provide weekly Buddhist ethics classes to primary school children. These classes share beneficial Buddhist values and ethics to the younger generation.

Our Chaplaincy program trains and places chaplains into prisons and hospitals. Our chaplains interact with people who are at a critical stage in their life. They relieve suffering by providing emotional and spiritual support in a compassionate and understanding manner.

Government liaison

We assist State Government agencies such as the Community Relations Commission, NSW Health, Corrective Services and the Department of Education and Training. We also work with Commonwealth Government agencies such as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Our Member Services program provides free advice and support to our member organisations on a range of topics such as good governance, incorporation, tax and finance, technology, and fundraising, amongst other issues. We bridge gaps in information by providing our member organisations with information and timely advice.

Interfaith relationships

We liaise with other religious organisations to represent the Buddhist community at interfaith events. We also collaborate with interfaith groups during times of crisis to support the community e.g. we organised Buddhist monastics to assist in interfaith services after the Sydney siege in December 2014.

Media, promotion & representation

We engage with the Buddhist community using a combination of media and promotion. This involves regularly updating our blog and sharing insightful stories through our Facebook page. We respond to queries from media organisations via email (office@localhost) or phone (02) 9966 8893..

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