Volunteer Success Stories

Staff Testimonials

These comments come from our volunteer office staff. Our team bring with them a variety of skills and experience from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. If you are looking share your skills in an environment of warm, like-minded individuals, find out more here or email us at office@buddhistcouncil.org!

“I am able to serve the community by organising workshops that explores concepts of applied dharma. Through this, I had the opportunity to meet many people from the Buddhist community and learn about how they apply Buddhism in their lives.”

“Working with other volunteers has been one of my highlights.”

“If you are somebody who is looking for a friendly Buddhist community to be involved in, whilst also making an impact in peoples lives, then the BCNSW is for you.”

“My favourite part about volunteering at the Buddhist Council is meeting and working with a group of dedicated people of all age groups and spending quiet time in the Buddha room.”

“Seeing the transformation in teachers as they work with children is very rewarding… Working with the kids and bringing their practice back to basics to be challenged and questioned by them, helps them to see the Dharma from a different perspective.”

Member Testimonials

These testimonials are messages of thanks from member organisations who have received advice from our Member Support Manager on issues such as governance, compliance and policy and procedure. If you are a member organisation requiring assistance on any of these issues, or would like to provide feedback, please email our Member Services Team at memberservice@buddhistcouncil.org.

“Thank you so much for your letter of support for our visa application…I strongly believe your support will help us get our visa approved.”

“Thank you so much for visiting and dropping off the books.”

“Thank you so much for your extremely helpful reply. You have provided much for me to go on. The enquiry about food handling policy is to do with an upcoming inspection of our kitchen by the council.”

Special Religious Education (SRE) Testimonials

Our dedicated and passionate Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers gain a lot out fulfilment from teaching weekly Buddhist ethics lessons to primary school-aged children in NSW schools. If you have a compassionate heart and generous spirit, you can learn more about being an SRE teacher yourself. Find out more here or email our SRE team at education@buddhistcouncil.org!

Teacher Testimonials

“Lessons are conducted in a very professional way. She successfully engages the students in discussions and the use of digital resources has further enhanced students learning outcomes. She demonstrates how well she knows her students. Her lessons are conducted at the students’ level. The content of the lessons are very informative and help the students to build on their own faith as well as develop good and peaceful relationships with their peers as well as their own family life. She affirms and rewards the students well for engagement and participation.”

“She has initiated meditation at the beginning and at the end of the lessons and this has been a new experience for the students in the class. Students are participating well in the meditation. How wonderful it is to hear students pray for the well being of the school, their friends, families and for themselves as well. Other teachers have remarked on the wonderful role she plays in the students’ moral and social development.”

– comments from a school principal describing the positive effects of our Buddhist SRE classes on the students

“Teaching Buddhism is a gift I give to myself. To watch my class meditate, chant and speak of Buddha is a true gift.”

– comment from a current SRE teacher

Student Testimonials

“Dharma class is very joyful and it makes me happy. It has helped me understand the behaviour of others. It has also allowed me to better appreciate food and my environment.”

“I really like how in Dharma class we meditate. The stories that the teacher tells us helps us understand the Buddha.”

“I really enjoy the times when the teacher tells us short stories that have deep meanings. It really inspires me.”

Workshop Attendee Testimonials

We regularly hold training and skills development workshops that benefit the Buddhist community. Click here for details of our upcoming workshops, and subscribe to our e-newsletter to ensure you never miss an event. People who have attended our Training Workshops have provided these testimonials:

“Wonderful, well explained and very succinct.”

“The most useful thing I learnt was a comprehensive overview of Buddhism without being overloaded.”

“The most important thing I learnt was mindfulness equals heartfulness.”

“A heartfelt thank you and deep appreciation for a well-planned, well-delivered and well-organised workshop. There was a great feeling of communication and care, and seeds well sown.”

“I learnt how to teach Buddhism to children using activities.”

“The CPE course was absolutely brilliant – I enjoyed every minute of it. I particularly found the role plays involving demented and mentally ill patients particularly useful, and found I am already interacting differently (better!) with some of the older residents in my community of Glebe.”

“I learnt the importance of explaining complex things in simple terms.”

“The most useful thing I learnt was finding inner peace and learning from others.”

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