Seeds of the Bodhi tree in Australia

Bodhi tree Vesak Buddhist ceremony

Consecration of the Bodhi tree was one part of a festive day of offerings and performances at the Vesak Day celebrations this year (Buddhist Era 2565) hosted by Pal Buddhist School at their new campus in Leppington. In his remarks Venerable Vuthy of Wat Dhamma Sameakky told the wonderful tale of how this particular Bodhi tree had made its journey from India.


The Bodhi tree has a most important role and is replacement to the Buddha himself.

This Bodhi tree is originally from the same place where the Buddha attained enlightenment at Bodgaya in India. Looking back six years ago on 2nd May, 2015, at that time, I went to do meditation under the Bodhi tree for three days. I wished to have the Bodhi seeds for Pal Buddhist School.  During walking meditation on the third day along with Mr Panha Pal, founding principal of the School, and many other followers, I have found four seeds of the sacred Bodhi tree. I then gave them to Mr Panha Pal for planting at this new school.

Mr Panha and his mother Mrs Kim Sean Pal planted the sacred Bodhi seeds for six months and 16 days, and then he got four new Bodhi trees. Two years later, he planted one Bodhi tree at Pal Buddhist School in Canley Vale, one he gave to his hometown in Cambodia, one was given to the Khmer temple in Darwin, and the last one is planting here today.


Next time you visit a Buddhist temple look out for the unique heart-shaped leaves of the Bodhi tree. It is most likely grown from a seed or cutting from the sacred tree in Bodhgaya and recalls for all who admire it the moment of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

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