Our Board

Gawaine Powell Davies (Chair)

Gawaine Powell Davies has had an interest in Buddhism since reading Christmas Humphrey’s book Buddhism at the age of thirteen, and studying Eastern philosophy. It all makes much more sense to him since he learnt to meditate and became involved in the Insight Buddhist community. He has been a member of Bluegum Sangha for ten years, and is chairman of Sydney Insight Meditators. In his other life he has recently retired as a primary health care research at the University of NSW, and is looking forward to being able to engage more fully in the Buddhist community.

Zen Low

Zen Low came across Buddhism as a university student in New Zealand in 2001 and immediately felt an affinity to the teachings of the Buddha. He attended his first meditation retreat in New Zealand in 2008 and was immediately amazed by the immense benefits of combined Buddhist meditation practice and ethics. Since then, he has attended several extended meditation retreats abroad and in Australia and has organised meditation courses in Fiji. His main interests include the early Buddhist texts, the Brahma Viharas,  the application of the Dhamma in daily life, and the sharing of the Buddha’s teachings in the Pacific. Zen is a Chartered Accountant and has assisted a number of Buddhist organisations’ boards with their financial and board enquiries.

Tina Ng
(Public Officer)

Tina Ng is a practicing and devout Buddhist. She is the Founder and President of the Metta Centre, a Buddhist centre to support Buddhism in Western Sydney by providing a space for monastics and lay teachers to share the Buddha’s teachings freely. She is also the Principal Solicitor of Metta Legal, a law firm encouraging practice through Buddhist principles. She has been an advisor to temples, Buddhist organisations and university groups. She has a keen interest in supporting  youth and has run various mentoring programs for students. She has organised various events and played the role of coordinator, emcee, and auctioneer at charity functions. She has shared the Buddha’s teachings in conferences, talks, workshops, and in her writings.

Venerable Dr Juewei (Secretary)

Venerable Dr. Juewei is the Director of Nan Tien Institute’s Humanistic Buddhism Centre and Lecturer at the Institute’s Applied Buddhist Studies program. Her research interests include Humanistic Buddhism, Buddhist acculturation, and Buddhist issues in modern society, including Buddhist Economics and Buddhist Ethics. Besides research, Venerable Dr Juewei also teaches classes such as Buddhism and Modern Society, Buddhist Ethics and subjects related to Chinese Buddhism. Venerable Dr Juewei holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, a Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies, a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Venerable Dr Juewei is an active member of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order. She has held many international positions within the order’s University Consortium and Temples, including University of the West and Hsi Lai Temple in California, USA, and Australia’s Nan Tien Temple.

Akāliko Bhikkhu

Akāliko Bhikkhu is an Australian monk in the Theravada forest tradition. Bhante Akāliko first encountered Buddhism as a teenager and spent over twenty years practising in different traditions before taking full ordination with Ajahn Brahm as his preceptor at Bodhinyana monastery in 2016. He resides with his long-term teacher, Bhante Sujato, at Lokanta Vihara (the Monastery at the End of the World). He is the founder of Rainbodhi LGBTQIA+ Buddhist Community and a Buddhist chaplain at Western Sydney University.

Tonto Kaewsatuan

Tonto Kaewsatuan is digital marketing professional with a focus on acquisition and performance. He works for Torrens University to drive student enrolments through digital strategies and planning. He is a former member of the Macquarie University Buddhist Society – MacBuddhi.

Justin Luu

Justin Luu has been actively serving the Buddhist community for many years, as a founding member of the Mitra Youth Buddhist Network, past president of the UTS Buddhist Society and organiser of Mitra conferences. He is currently vice president of the Metta Centre. Professionally, he works as a software engineer.

Sourina Simmalavong

Sourina Simmalavong is the founder of Lao Dhamma School, a Sunday school conducted in English for children of all nationalities based at the Lao Buddhist Temple, Wat Phrayortkeo Dhammayanaram, Edensor Park. Sourina believes that by showing our children how to live  Buddhist values from an early age they will grow into being responsible adults with a positive outlook on life, armed with resilience for any challenges they may face.  With a legal background Sourina is an active in the development of the Lao community in NSW. She served as a volunteer director of the board of the Lao Community Advancement (NSW) Co-Operative Ltd for 15 years and has been a member of the Lao Buddhist Society of NSW Inc. since its inception.  She has an interest in community development, advocacy, youth, women and cross cultural issues.

Glenn Sloan

Glenn Sloan has been a Buddhist for over 30 years. He has taken refuge in the Tibetan Kagyu lineage with H.E Ayang Rinpoche and is currently secretary of Amitabha Foundation Australia, a dharma centre focused on the teaching and practices of the Kagyupa lineage. On retirement Glenn trained in Buddhist SRE teaching and Chaplaincy with BCNSW. He served as general manager of BCNSW 2016-2017 and has taken up the role again in a voluntary capacity.