New roles at the Buddhist Council: A Message from the Chair

After five years as Chair, I will be retiring this year. It has been a pleasure and an honour to lead the Buddhist Council and work with the Buddhist community, but it is now time for a new person with fresh energy. At the same time, Ann MacArthur, our operations manager and chaplaincy program manager is taking on a new role in looking after communications, while also continuing to manage Special Religious Education. 

We are a small organisation with a big job! We need people with both ideas and practical skills to contribute to the development of Buddhism in NSW. Could this be you?

In particular, we are looking for:

a new Chair:  someone with vision and energy who can lead the Buddhist Council through the next stage

a new Coordinator, who can oversee the work of the Buddhist Council, manage the office and support volunteers. As the hub of our small non-profit, the coordinator provides administrative services to our programs for members, chaplains and teachers and fields enquiries from the general public. This position is funded for 18 hours per week. Apply online here 

new Board members. We have vacancies for 2-3 people to join the Board. Board members oversee the work of the Buddhist Council and strengthen connections with Buddhist communities. They also take an active role in overseeing a particular aspect of the Buddhist Council’s work. We are particularly looking for people who can support our work in information systems, operations, chaplaincy and working with other faiths and government.

If you might be interested in any of these, please contact me at or call me on 0425-237141.

Gawaine Powell Davies, Chair

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