july, 2023

sat29jul9:00 AM3:00 PMTaking Refuge in the Triple Gem & Five Precepts9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Nan Tien Temple, Illawara, 180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley NSW 2506 Event Organized By: Nan Tien Temple Event Type :Traditional/Cultural CeremoniesEvent Region:Illawarra


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We are excited to invite you to the 2023 “Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem & Five Precepts Ceremony,” hosted in the Nan Tien Temple’s Main Shrine. All are Welcome.

What’s this Dharma Service about?

The ceremony provides an opportunity to make a commitment to the Buddhist teachings and to delve into the heart of the core principles that guide us on our life journey.

The Triple Gem symbolises the Buddha, the Dharma (his teachings), and the Sangha (the community). By taking refuge in the Triple Gem, one seeks protection, guidance, and inspiration on the path to enlightenment. Taking refuge in the Triple Gem is the starting point for becoming a Buddhist follower to learn and practice Buddhism.

About the Triple Gem

During the ceremony, participants will also have the opportunity to undertake the Five Precepts, a set of ethical guidelines that form the foundation of a compassionate and mindful lifestyle. These precepts include refraining from harming living beings, stealing, engaging in sexual misconduct, speaking untruths, and consuming intoxicants.

Taking refuge and observing the Five Precepts is not merely a ritual but a transformative journey towards cultivating inner peace, wisdom, and compassion. It is a chance to make a sincere commitment to personal growth and spiritual development, fostering harmony within oneself and with others.

About the Five Precepts

Becoming a Buddhist

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or someone with a curious mind seeking to commit more to Buddhism, this ceremony is open to all.

Our compassionate community of monastics and fellow seekers will be there to warmly welcome you, guiding you through the process with care and support.

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(Saturday) 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Nan Tien Temple, Illawara

180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley NSW 2506


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