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fri31jul(jul 31)6:30 PMmon03aug(aug 3)6:30 PMNyungne Retreat(july 31) 6:30 PM - (august 3) 6:30 PM Barom Kagyu Chodrak Drupu Chuling, 50B Woods Road, Sefton NSW 2162 Event Organized By: Barom Kagyu Chodrak Drupju Chuling Event Type :Retreats


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Nyungne retreat involves 1000 Arms Chenrezig practice with visualization and recitation of the long and short Compassion mantra, Participants are required to take the Mahayana precepts and strictly observe fasting and silence vows. This retreat is for full time participants only. Visitors can join in for recitation at anytime, but to actually do the retreat, one need to attend full-time. Please carefully read all practical information that follows to know what to expect during the retreat.


Please read all information related to Nyungne retreat. If you have health concerned, or need to take medications daily, please discuss early with Lama Namsai


Please pre-register your participation by sending an email to baromkagyu.syd@gmail.com with name, contact details, or put your name down the list directly on the registration sheet at the temple. You can come on Friday 31st July 2020 to complete your registration. Pre-registration is essential to book for meals.


If one practice Nyungne just one time, all negative karma of forty thousands kalpas will be purified and one will not be reborn into the lower realms. Purification is possible due to the power of Chenrezig’s compassion and blessings as well as our faith and devotion. When such causes and conditions come together, a true purification inevitably takes place.

During Nyungne practice, physical fasting purifies the negative karma of killing, stealing, and sexual misconduct and overcomes obscuration of the body. Therefore you will never be born in the hungry ghost realm, and ultimately you will attain the supreme body of the buddhas. Abstaining speech and remaining in silence purifies the negative karma of lying, slandering, harsh words, and the idle talk, and purifies obscuration of speech. One will not be born in the animal realm, and ultimately will attain the melodious enlightened speech of the buddhas. One-pointe concentration on practices during Nyungne purifies the negative karma of greed, evil thoughts, wrong views, and purifies obscurations of the mind. One will not be born in the hell realm and will have spiritual realization and spiritual experience. Ultimately one will attain the five wisdoms of the Buddhas.

It has been said that this practice is so great that even offering a meal to a Nyungne practitioner is like offering a meal to an eight-bhumi bodhisattva. Just by supporting Nyungne practitioners one will receive tremendous benefits.

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July 31 (Friday) 6:30 PM - August 3 (Monday) 6:30 PM


Barom Kagyu Chodrak Drupu Chuling

50B Woods Road, Sefton NSW 2162


Barom Kagyu Chodrak Drupju Chulingbaromkagyu.syd@gmail.com 50b Woods Road, Sefton NSW 2162