april, 2022

wed27apr7:00 PM8:30 PMMindfulness or Mind Full of Things?7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Online - Zoom Event Organized By: Metta Centre Event Type :Meditation Conducted / InstructedEvent Region:Online


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Presenter: Ven Olande Ananda Thera
Wed 27 April | 7-8:30pm
Online: links provided below
Cost: Free

Mindfulness has become popularised and the word is used so much in all sorts of contexts that your head may be full of ideas about what mindfulness is. In this talk, Venerable Olande Ananda Thera will explain the Buddha’s definition of mindfulness (sati/smrti), awareness.

We will also explore Satipatthana Bhavana, the development of mindfulness on body, feelings, mind and mind object/characteristics of existence. Sati (mindfulness) leads to Vipassana (insight), and insight leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to liberation from suffering and the round of rebirth (samsara).

With mindfulness of body (kayanussati), we observe the postures (such as sitting, standing, walking, lying down) and daily activities. With mindfulness of feelings (vedananussati) we observe physical and mental, pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feelings. With mindfulness of mind (cittanussati), we are aware of one’s thoughts and state of mind (being narrow or expanded, calm or excited etc). With mindfulness of states of mind (dhammanussati), we notice the characteristics of change (aniccata), unsatisfactoriness (dukkhata) and non-self nature (anatta).

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