august, 2023

wed30aug7:00 PM8:30 PMMeditation & Talk by Bhante Joe Atulo - Practicing the Buddha's Teachings: From the Suttas to the Heart7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Metta Centre, Western Sydney, Metta Centre, 2/7-9 Cross Street, Bankstown NSW 2200 Event Organized By: Metta Centre Event Type :Courses/Teachings on BuddhismEvent Region:Online,Western Sydney


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Speaker: Bhante Joe Atulo (Joining online from Sri Lanka)

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The Buddha is thought of not only as a great spiritual teacher but also one of the greatest cognitive behavioural therapists of all time.

The wisdom and eclectic teachings recorded in the Pali Canon (Nikayas), the early scriptures, resonate with individuals of diverse traits and predispositions. These teachings offer invaluable guidance on the journey to freedom from suffering. How do we learn from this ancient wisdom and apply it in our lives as we face new challenges in this modern world? How do we decipher the true message of the suttas and cultivate our own contemplative heart practice? How do we effectively apply investigation, enquiry, and reflection to deepen our understanding? Bhante Joe will share practical insights on how to integrate the Buddha’s teachings into our modern context, and skilfully navigate life’s complexities with compassion and wisdom.

About the speaker: Venerable Bhante Joe was born in 1983, in London, Ontario, and was initially interested in business and computers. A spiritual vocation seemed extremely unlikely. However, in high school, he was given a book as a joke, which contained teachings from an assortment of religions. Browsing through it, he came to a description of the Four Noble Truths, and was converted. In high school and university, Bhante attended the Toronto Zen Buddhist Temple. He eventually moved in and started training part-time to become a priest. In 2006, he took up full-time training at the temple. However, an attraction to Theravada Buddhism pulled him towards the Thai Forest Tradition. He attended a day-long retreat with Ajahn Viradhammo in 2007. At the retreat, he learned about the newly-established Tisaraṇa Buddhist Monastery. He found his way to Tisaraṇa and was ordained as an anagārika in 2008. In 2010, Bhante Joe was ordained as a bhikkhu with Ajahn Viradhammo as his preceptor. Bhante trained at Tisaraṇa until 2015, with one year in Thailand. In 2015, his teacher released him from dependence. He spent six months at a monastery in California and before returning to Toronto, Canada between 2016 and 2019. In Toronto, he associated with the Toronto Mahavihara and the West End Buddhist Temple. In November 2019, he moved to Sri Lanka, where he currently resides. More info can be found here.



(Wednesday) 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Metta Centre, Western Sydney

Metta Centre, 2/7-9 Cross Street, Bankstown NSW 2200


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