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From Wednesday, 10 February, the Tibetan New Year period, or Losar, will begin. This period is traditionally a very important time for practice, with the first day of the new year also marking the beginning of the holy month of Bumjur Dawa.

The first 15 days of this month celebrate the 15 successive days on which the Buddha displayed a different miracle each day in order to increase merit and inspire the devotion of future disciples. During this time the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied 100,000 times, so practice is emphasised.

Further explanation about practices to do and details of practice events in the National Centre, are given below. Please check your local centre for the Losar program.

Key dates are:

  • 10 February – Gutor, purifying obstacles and inauspiciousness of the old year
  • 12 February – Losar, New Year’s Day. Beginning of the year of the Iron Ox 2148
  • 27 February – Wheel Day – Chotrul Düchen

Before Losar
During the days leading up to Losar, and especially on Gutor, Wednesday 10 February, emphasis is placed on practices that purify negativity, remove inauspiciousness and avert the obstacles of the previous year. We are encouraged to particularly focus on the Heart Sutra with Dokpa, Vajrakilaya, Dharmapalas practices with Gesar, Tendrel Nyesel, and Senge Dongma.

You are invited to join the Riwo Sangcho practice streamed live from the National Centre from 7.00 -7.45am AEDT on Gutor, Wednesday February 10. Join here.


Practising together on Losar is a very positive and auspicious way to start the new Tibetan year.  Chanting the Verses of the 8 Noble Auspicious Ones, practising Riwo Sangchö and Tendrel Nyesel tsok, followed by a joyful celebration is a very auspicious start to the New Year. It is recommended to prepare generous offerings, offer fresh flowers before the shrine and wear nice clothes.

Please join Riwo Sangcho with The 8 Noble Auspicious Ones streamed live from the National Centre Friday 12 February from 7-7.45am AEDT here.

From 7-8.30pm AEDT on Friday 12 February, you are invited to join the Losar Tendrel Nyesel tsok practice streamed live from the National Centre. We will direct our practice for the planet, for pacification of the pandemic, for peace and justice in the world, and towards Rigpa’s work for the enlightenment of all sentient beings. You can donate towards the generous offerings made on your behalf in the National Centre here. You are also encouraged to prepare offerings of your own too if you are practising at home.

Please turn your mike and camera off when you join the practice here.

After Losar

Traditionally, during the days after Losar, practices are done in order to create auspicious circumstances for the coming year, such as Ngöndro, Riwo Sangchö, Windhorse (Lungta) practices, Tendrel Nyesel and long life practices such as Chime Pakme Nyingtik.



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