june, 2020

wed10junAll Daywed08julAn Introduction to Itivuttaka with Bhante Sujato (Online)(All Day) Online Event Organized By: SuttaCentral Event Type :Courses/Teachings on Buddhism


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 “Khujjuttara’s recollection of Buddha’s discourses” – a four week course.

The Itivuttaka, a collection of 112 short discourses, takes its name from the statement at the beginning of each of its discourses: this (iti) was said (vuttam) by the Blessed One. The collection as a whole is attributed to a laywoman named Khujjuttara, who worked in the palace of King Udena of Kosambi as a servant to one of his queens, Samavati. Because the Queen could not leave the palace to hear the Buddha’s discourses, Khujjuttara went in her place, memorized what the Buddha said, and then returned to the palace to teach the Queen and her 500 ladies-in-waiting. For her efforts, the Buddha cited Khujjuttara as the foremost of his laywomen disciples in terms of her learning. She was also an effective teacher: when the inner apartments of the palace later burned down, killing the Queen and her entourage, the Buddha commented (in Udana VII.10) that all of the women had reached at least the first stage of Awakening. (excerpt from Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s translation available here)

The first lessons will be released on 10th June followed by a live discussion with Bhante Sujato on each Saturday, 8:00-9:00AM AEST. Details to be posted shortly. Enrol now to be informed.

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June 10 (Wednesday) - July 8 (Wednesday)