Connecting Buddhists in Central Western NSW

Earlier this year, on an auspicious afternoon in January, three BCNSW member organisations met up in central western NSW: Central West Buddhists, Little Dust Buddhist Community, and Tharpa Choeling Australia.

The location was Wellington, the home of Tharpa Choeling Australia, also known as the Wellington Buddhist Centre. The three nuns and one monk who live there have created a spiritual oasis of calm and peace in an unlikely spot along the highway in this small regional town. The feeling of sanctuary extends beyond the buildings to the lush green gardens surrounding the centre.

Bhante Akaliko, board member of the BCNSW, founder of Little Dust and spiritual director of Central West Buddhists said:

We were welcomed by the venerables to share a meal and help one of the residents, Venerable Choden, celebrate her birthday with some cake and good cheer. It was wonderful to get to know some monastics from a different tradition to mine and learn about their work in the community, which includes helping out with donations for local charities.

Afterwards, visitors were given a tour of the centre, seeing the spacious meditation hall where the monastics teach yoga, meditation and Dhamma to the locals. There is an extensive garden, easy to get lost in, amid the winding paths and luscious foliage. A highlight is an old train carriage which has been converted into a garden room, filled with plants, prayer flags and paper origami cranes. A serene place to sit and relax!


It was very inspiring to see BCNSW member organisations coming together for spiritual friendship and mutual support. It is truly heartening to see the Buddha’s teachings flourishing even in this remote rural location and that Buddhists are doing so much good for the community.

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