Having faith in the teachings of the Buddha is essential in the path of Buddhism, and utilising Buddhist psychology is crucial to achieving spiritual growth. Without faith, our minds become closed, and we are unable to cultivate the essential factors that lead to spiritual growth and freedom.     In times of difficulty, having faith can… Continue reading THE INTERSECTION OF FAITH AND BUDDHIST PSYCHOLOGY

Nothing here is what it once was

This year, Australians will be asked to vote in a referendum to give our first nations people a Voice to Parliament. This will create constitutional change to give aboriginal people an advisory role in matters which affect them. The BCNSW is playing a leading role in the Buddhist community to help inform our diverse member… Continue reading Nothing here is what it once was

On Happiness and Where to Find it

Buddhism sometimes gets a bad reputation for seeming obsessed with suffering. It’s true that the concept of suffering has a big place in the Buddhist thought-world; however, suffering is pointed out so we can learn how to avoid creating more suffering in our lives. The Buddhist path is really about happiness, because the absence of… Continue reading On Happiness and Where to Find it

Faith in Buddhist Thought

When we talk about faith in Buddhism, we might think of devotional practices such as bowing to images of the Buddha, offering candles and incense, and perhaps reciting chants. These small rituals can be comforting and play a role in helping to affirm our spiritual practice.  A danger arises when people treat devotional practice as… Continue reading Faith in Buddhist Thought

Being Connected

It’s easy to paint nature as an idealised, romantic realm with glorious sunsets and animals frolicking about happily. When people say they feel ‘one with nature’, it is this picturesque form of nature they feel connected to. But the truth is that nature is also a brutal place full of fear and suffering; animals are… Continue reading Being Connected

Break The Cycle of Unhappiness

The opposite of wellbeing is ill being. Every time you are uncomfortable, have unwanted feelings, and you don’t want to go there, that is ill being and we can call it suffering. When I think of being unhappy, I think of things that have happened to me. I think about the unexpected curve balls life… Continue reading Break The Cycle of Unhappiness

A Buddhist View

My job as a Buddhist is to observe my mind. Using tools such as meditation, reflection and contemplation to become familiar with the inner workings of the mind. Within corrections, amongst inmates and staff, and much like ‘on the outside’, Buddhism is quite fashionable. People love to quote the Buddha, but rarely implement the teachings… Continue reading A Buddhist View

Why Do I Suffer?

If you know Buddhist psychology, you know the correct statement is ‘we all suffer’. Suffering isn’t something we want to know, which is why we spend every waking moment avoiding it. Instinctively we look out and believe my problem is ‘out there’. My partner, my job, the weather. Those are the obstacles to my happiness.… Continue reading Why Do I Suffer?