Our mission

1. To serve our member organisations, which includes Buddhist temples, societies and associations.

2. To represent the Buddhist community to interfaith groups, media, government and the NSW public in accordance with the Dharma.

3. To promote the understanding and practice of the Dharma. This is an objective we share with our members. 

Our vision

Our vision is for a “Dharma Community with Open Arms”.

We encourage all Buddhist groups, temples and societies to come together to appreciate each other through the essence of the Dharma. We hope to be useful link for those new to Buddhism, connecting them with the appropriate resources to further sow the seeds of the Dharma in daily life.

Our motto

Our motto is “Working for the Buddhist community”.

This encapsulates our goal to always do our best work to assist member organisations and those in the Buddhist community, whether this involves supporting teachers and chaplains, providing training workshops or assisting organisations on issues of governance. 

Our history

The Buddhist Council of NSW (BCNSW) was formed on the instigation of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) in 1984. A meeting was subsequently held in Sydney to establish a regional branch of the WFB. From this meeting, many existing Buddhist organisations came together to form the BCNSW as a representative body to promote co-operation across the Buddhist community. The BCNSW Constitution was established at the inaugural Annual General Meeting in June, 1985. We became incorporated in March 1991, and we received our ABN in 2000. Download Constitution. 

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