The Buddhist Council of New South Wales

The Buddhist Council of New South Wales is a charitable, not- for-profit organisation set up to help Buddhist temples and Buddhist societies in New South Wales (now also ACT) and to represent the Buddhist community to mainstream society.

The Buddhist Council represents more than 100 Buddhist organisations within New South Wales.

We are a member of the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils (FABC), which represents Buddhist organisations throughout Australia.  The FABC has a collaborative relationship with the Australian Sangha Association, which represents ordained sangha (monks and nuns).

History On the instigation of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) a meeting was held in 1984 in Sydney to establish a regional branch of the WFB. The many existing Buddhist organisations subsequently came together to form the Buddhist Council of New South Wales as a representative body to promote co-operation across the Buddhist community.The Buddhist Council of New South Wales constitution was first ratified at its inaugural Annual General Meeting in June, 1985. It was incorporated in March, 1991 and in 2000 received its ABN (18 550 218 989).The late Graeme Lyall AO, the founding Chairman, led the development of the Buddhist Council of New South Wales from its inception through to his retirement from the board in December 2006. Graeme Lyall’s contribution to the development of Buddhism in Australia stretches over half a century.

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