Volunteer Pathways

Teach Buddhism in schools

→ Do you want to pass on the benefits of the Buddha’s teaching to the younger generation?

→ Do you enjoy working with children?

→ Have you got a few hours to spare each week?

If you answered yes to the above questions, please consider volunteering as a Buddhist teacher in NSW public schools.

In NSW students are offered the opportunity for weekly religious instruction by approved providers known as Special Religious Education, or SRE.  The Buddhist Council is an SRE provider authorised by the Department of Education to train and appoint volunteers to schools.

Our syllabus focuses on Buddhist values and life skills. Volunteers are required to undergo a series of training modules on the syllabus as well as lesson planning, classroom management, diversity of Buddhist traditions and child protection awareness.

Provide spiritual care in hospitals and prisons

→ Do your friends flock to you when they’ve got a serious problem?

→ Do you see yourself as compassionate and non-judgmental?

→ Can you listen wholeheartedly to others?


If so, then being a Buddhist chaplain in hospitals and prisons may suit your disposition.

Our Buddhist chaplains offer spiritual care to people who are at a critical stage of life. The Buddhist Council’s agreements with the NSW departments of Health and Corrections allow us to train and appoint chaplains to work as part of multi-faith teams in hospitals and prisons.

Volunteer chaplains are required to complete the course known as the Introductory unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) which we offer annually.

Utilise your skills in our office

→ Are you a uni student looking to broaden your skills set?

→ Are you between jobs and looking for meaningful work?


→ Or maybe you’re a retiree looking for a meaningful volunteer role.


Whatever your circumstance, the Buddhist Council is committed to providing a mutually beneficial experience to all volunteers. Our office staff consists of people who come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds.


Some of the areas where we need your interest and enthusiasm are finance, fundraising, marketing and social media, IT, event production and database management.


It is possible to join the team at our office in St Leonard’s or work from home.

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