Useful Links & Downloads

Useful Links

BuddhaNet is an excellent introductory Buddhist education and information network that provides a range of Buddhist Studies resources, ranging from an e-library of bilingual texts and definitions to a directory of different Buddhist traditions.

SuttaCentral provides English translations of early Buddhist texts in Pali Chinese, Tibetan and Sanskrit.

Tricycle is an independent journal about Buddhism in the West. They are dedicated to publishing articles that disseminate Buddhist values and teachings, to explore different views and attainable methods of enlightened living in the modern age.

Useful Downloads

Opportunities to study Buddhism

The PAL Buddhist School is Australia’s first government accredited Buddhist high school, founded in 2012. They offer a Buddhist education alongside the NSW education curriculum.

The Nan Tien Institute is Australia’s first government accredited tertiary institution grounded in Buddhist values and wisdom. They currently offer postgraduate study opportunities, with majors in areas such as Applied Buddhism. Undergraduate options are also in the pipeline for interested future students.

The University of Sydney currently offers an undergraduate program with the option to major in Buddhist studies.

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