SRE Teacher Resources

Education fund

The Buddhist Council has a tax deductible Education Fund which helps to cover the costs of teaching Buddhism including out of pocket expenses of volunteer teachers. If you would like to receive this assistance, email our SRE Team at education@localhost.

Free materials

The SRE Support Team distributes free teaching materials such as class handouts, SRE books, audio CDs and instructional DVDs.

SRE library

Special teaching materials have been purchased for SRE teachers and are available for loan from the SRE Reference Library at our office in St. Leonards. Please make an appointment with our office to visit and browse our selection.


Throughout the year, the SRE Team arranges workshops so that SRE teachers can learn and share new approaches to teaching which engage and interest children. These in-service workshops include presentations by guest speakers including expert teachers and representatives of the Department of Education. Keep an eye out here for upcoming training workshops and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to never miss an event!.

Useful Links

BuddhaNet – contains resources on Buddhism and Buddhist teaching

Bodhi Books and Gifts – for books at Bodhi Bookshop

Walking Buddha’s Path – Personal experiences about walking Buddha’s Path

Wheel of Life (Music)

Nirvana’s Endless Day (Music)

Life Never Dies (Music)

The Three Signs: Dukkha, Annica, Anatta


The Wayfarers

Lyrics for the Wayfarers

Collection of tales with animated audio stories

Buddhist Quizzes & Games – Great websites for Buddhist games

Buddha’s Light Publishing – free e-books for download

Buddhist Art Booklet Series – Covering a wide range of topics from the life of the Buddha, the disciples of the Buddha, stupas and pagodas, Buddha images, sutras and dharma instruments to Buddhist rituals and observances.

If you’re an SRE teacher needing assistance, please contact our SRE Team on (02) 9966 8893 or email education@localhost.

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