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Training workshops open to the community

Our dedicated training unit aims to:

  • provide accredited training programs for Buddhist Chaplains, Special Religious Education (SRE) Teachers and other specific education programs for the Buddhist community
  • promote general Buddhist teachings by providing regular workshops, seminars and training activities useful to people from all backgrounds
  • encourage happiness in life by understanding and applying the teachings of The Buddha

Whether you’re new to Buddhism, or wanting to learn methods of teaching Buddhist ethics and life skills to young people, we have a variety of workshops sharing practical ways of engaging with Buddhism.

TM11: Appreciation of all traditions

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TM43: Basic Classroom Skills

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TM38: Secrets of the best run Buddhist centres

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Self Care

Saturday 21 May 2016

10am – 12 pm

Are you a caregiver or helping professional who is looking for more balance in life?

Or perhaps you are a parent or teacher who gets stressed with daily demands?

The truth is many helping professionals can experience work-related stress if they neglect to take care of themselves. This may include feeling exhausted, tense or easily irritated.

That’s why paying attention to self-care is important for looking after yourself, and others. Once you nurture yourself, you will be able to provide care to others in a more sustainable way. Self-care is a personal journey, and involves understanding what strategies work for you to find resilience and vitality in different circumstances.

In this workshop you will discover:

What qualities and skills make helping professionals effective in their work?

What are the stress factors that can affect people in the helping professions?

What is Compassion fatigue – and is it real?

Self-Care strategies to help helpers remain robust and resilient.

These topics will be addressed by Megan Thorpe, an experienced professional who has worked in health, welfare and education sectors.

Cost: $30

More to come

We have several exciting training workshops in the pipeline. We can’t wait to share them with you. Be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter to never miss a workshop!

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