Special Discussion Forum

The Buddhist Council of NSW is hosting a special discussion forum on the topic of The Younger Generation. We will facilitate discussion around issues that affect the younger generation.
Presentations will be given from key members of the new PAL Buddhist School, the MITRA Buddhist Youth Network and our Buddhist Values and Life Skills (SRE) Program. 

Questions to consider include:

+ Is technology taking too much attention from our youth?
+  Does the next generation know enough about the life skills taught by the Buddha?
+  Do young people get enough opportunity to learn about Buddhism?
+  Are there activities for youth that we could promote as a community?

The morality of the younger generation in an ever-changing, fast-paced modern society is an important issue that affects us all. Therefore, we are opening up the event to anyone in the community to attend.

Let’s come together to share our ideas for an engaged discussion. We hope to come away with new insights and strategies on how to ensure the future generation is equipped with adequate values and life skills to lead a life in accordance with the Buddha Dharma.

We look forward to your attendance.

When: 3pm, Saturday 30 May, 2015
Where: Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Centre
Unit 2, 67 Jersey St. Hornsby (entry via Bridge St.)
The centre is a short 5 minute walk from Hornsby Railway
Station and street   parking is available along the railway line.

What We Do (Video)
What We Do (Video)
What We Do (Video)


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